Hot Tub Package

Party people can also provide hot tub hire in Stirling, Alloa, Falkirk and surrounding areas. A full weekend hire starts from Only £160 which includes set up, chemicals, full safety briefing and operating instructions.

Hot Tub Package

Hot tub package at a home in Edinburgh, NO

Our hot tub hire covers the whole of central Scotland and can be used for many occasions such as hen and stag parties, birthdays, bank holidays and more.

Our hot tub hire can be set up indoors or outdoors on any flat level surface 2 x 2 meters that is able to support up to 1600 kilograms.

Our hot tubs will require a constant electricity supply to maintain the temperature and operate the relaxing bubbles.

If you’re hiring our Rio spa then please ensure any opening is greater than 85cm, If you’re hiring our Malta or Antigua spa please ensure you measure the access areas into your desired site it must be at least 90cm wide and 2.04m tall and must not have steep slopes or more than 4 stairs if you fail to measure your access prior to delivery we can’t issue a refund upon arrival if the access is too small.

Please bear in mind that it can take upto 24 hours for the tub to reach full temperature.

Prices & Packages:

Rio Spa

4/5 person tub

Our Rio Spa is a hexagonal shaped tub that will seat 4-5 people, it has 11 powerful hydrotherapy jets and underwater LED lighting, this tub will heat to 40 degrees and is 1.7m wide access from the roadside needs to be 85cm wide. This tub is great for parties and relaxing with friends or family.

Hot tub for one weekend
(Friday – Sunday) – £195

Hot tub for one week
(Monday-Sunday) – £245

Additional days £30 per day

Antigua Spa

5/6 person tub

The Antigua Spa is our mid sized tub and will seat 5 to 6 people it has 20 powerful hydrotherapy jets, underwater LED lights,a built in bar, ice bucket and waterfall. This tub heats to 40 degrees and has steps. This tub is round and is 2m in diameter, access from the roadside needs to be at least 95cm wide.

Hot tub for one weekend
(Friday – Sunday) – £210

Hot tub for one week
(Monday-Sunday) – £260

Additional days £35 per day

Malta Spa

6/7 person tub

Our Malta Spa is the flagship model in our hire range, this tub is 2m x 2m and is 95cm deep this tub features 28 massage jets 6 seats including a lounger, LED lighting and steps. This hot tub is perfect for parties or relaxing weekends. Please ensure the access from the roadside to your desired placement has a width of at least 95cm taking into account obstructions such as taps, steps and down pipes.

Hot tub for one weekend
(Friday – Sunday) – £245

Hot tub for one week
(Monday-Sunday) – £295

Additional days £40 per day

Hot Tub Party Package

6 person hot tub (Antigua or Malta)
6x3m party tent
Party Balloon Package
For 1 weekend
(Friday-Sunday) – £499

For more information please call or send us an email

Optional Extras

Party Tent (weekend) – £120
Party Tent (week) – £150
Lighting – £30
Heating – £60
Frozen Cocktail Machine – (see: Frozen cocktail machine hire)
Butlers/Butlerettes – £180 for 2 hours
Champagne bucket – £20
Masseuse – £200 for 2 hours and 6 people

Contact Party People today by email or by calling 01259 230 507 and speak to one of our specialists.